V4 Vengeance – The Jim Wilson Series #1

April 11, 2016

28923211I received this book as an ARC requesting a review and I gladly accepted. V4 Vengeance has been self published in the past but will now be available through a publisher. Usually books about a subject like this are not my thing, but this one is an exception. It took me a few pages to get into the story, but once I got it I had to finish it in one go. The story is quite believable, the characters very well written and who doesn’t love a good mystery with hidden submarines, a man bent on destroying the world and a secret mission  looking for WW2 mysteries. I loved it !!

Desperately seeking employment, recently discharged Royal Engineer Jim Wilson takes on an impossible challenge with the help of his former army mates, Ivan and Geordie. Hired by a Russian museum, they are sent to the Baltic coast of Germany to find a rumored World War II U Boat base. Their discovery is beyond shocking: not only does the base exist—it contains secret submarines full of V2 rocket bombs. And they are not working for a museum. They are at the mercy of a notorious group of Russian mobsters, the Romanov Gang.

Quickly seizing control of the situation, the Romanovs order Jim and his team to restore the submarines. As the ex-soldiers work, the gang’s motives begin to unfold, and they soon realize they are aiding in a revenge plot that dates back seventy years…and perhaps the most audacious bank heist ever conceived. 

The author of the story has spend many years in the British army and it shows in the story. Much detail (sometimes a little too much for me) has been written into every part of the story and I could almost feel myself being a part of the crew that made these mysterious discoveries. Since this is part 1 of the story, I am guessing and hoping there will be more to follow. I will be reading it for sure !

About the Author

Nigel Seed spent many years in the British Army working with the Army’s helicopters. He then joined the Civil Service before taking early retirement and moving to a villa in Spain with his wife and two children. He writes his books when he can tear himself away from the view across the orange groves to the Mediterranean.

The books have been self published but were recently picked up by a publisher. Therefore getting them has become harder but they should be reappearing very soon. This first book should be out in the beginning of April 2016. You can find the authors personal Facebook page here. This book is for sale at Amazon.

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