Valor on the Move

September 20, 2015

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00073]Valor on the Move is the latest novel by Keira Andrews and I swear that Keira has been reading my mind when she wrote this novel. Through out the years I have thought so many times “What would happen if a president had a gay son?” Well I guess we know the answer now….

Rafael Castillo is the son of the current President of The United States. He has been codenamed Valor by the Secret Service. For the last few years he has been doing his best to stay invisible and never stand out. He is gay but he knows his family will never understand. So he has decided to stay under the radar until his fathers term is up and he is free again.

But what he never expected to happen was getting assigned a new Secret Service agent who is his walking fantasy man. Shane Kendrick is everything Rafael ever wanted in a man and he knows he can never have. Shane only looks at him because it is his job after all….

Shane has worked very hard to get where he is today and he is very proud of his new position. They told him protecting the presidents son was an easy job, since the guy never does anything out of order. But is Rafael really that boring or not?

Shane knows Rafael has a crush on him, but he can never do anything with it. And the boy is far too young for him, he could never be what Rafael wanted. Or could he….

Everyone already knows I am a great fan of Keira Andrews, but this story once again confirms it. Superb writing, great story and characters that instantly make you fall in love with them. I could really feel for both Shane and Rafael and all their struggles to be together. It can never be easy to be in the public eye all the time and still have some of a private life….

So everyone who is also a Keira Andrews fan, BUY this story. It is once again a classic tale of love, romance and getting what you want against all odds.

They were standing only a whisper apart, and Shane’s breath caught in his throat as Rafa traced the three-inch mark with his fingertip, running it up and then down. A shiver raced down Shane’s spine.

What the fuck am I doing?

You can find Keira Andrews personal website here and this book is for sale at All Romance Ebooks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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