Vincent’s Thanksgiving Date

January 17, 2015

23546969Vincent lives alone in his apartment and is very shy. In his own words “I’m not very good with people” All he wants is to spend Thanksgiving alone with the parade on tv, a pie and a bottle of wine.

But that is not what his handsome neighbor Cory wants. Cory has had a secret crush on Vincent forever and this year he will make sure he gets what he wants. Knocking on Vincent’s door, pretending there is some holiday crisis, will be the perfect excuse to get to know the shy guy in the next door apartment.

Vincent really wants Cory, but he is afraid that as soon Cory gets to know the real him, he will run away. After all, he is a shy and slightly overweight guy, what kind of a catch would that be. Slowly but surely Cory gets Vincent to open up and show him the man he can be and wants to be. Cory even gets his best friends to help him and show Vincent that Thanksgiving should be spend with friends and family and not alone.

Even though Thanksgiving is a holiday that doesn’t exist in my part of the world, I could really relate to this short and sweet story. Vincent and Cory are two of the sweetest and kindest guys you could meet and I was really glad they ended up together.

I recommend this story very much to anyone looking for romance and love. Find out more about the author and any upcoming books on her personal site here.


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