Wayward Son – Sons #2

June 15, 2015

25351369Wayward Son is part 2 in the Sons series by Shae Connor and loosely relates to the events in part 1. In part 2 we meet Mikey O’Malley who moved away from his conservative parents and wants to be free for the first time. He temporarily moves in with Riley, who we met in part 1. Riley is now living together with Evan and they are happy together.

Mikey wants some happiness of his own, but needs a little guidance in life. He is an art student, out and proud gay and looking to work in animation. And there is not one, but two men interested in him . Cory Lassiter and Jimmy Black have been together for years as a couple and are very happy together. Every now and then they bring in a third for some fun, but it never gets serious. Until they meet Mikey and both fall in love with the boy.

Mikey is equally attracted to both men and is wondering if there will be a place for him in that relationship.

Mikey finds a job with an amusement park, only to have it fall through when a background check reveals an accusation of child molestation. Mikey is innocent, but needs to prove that in a desperate way. First off he tries to do it all alone, but soon realises that is not possible. Everything is too much for him and he needs help. Cory and Jimmy jump in and decide to help Mikey and prove to him they love him once and for all. Mikey needs to learn it is alright to lean on someones who loves you every now and then. Some problems are just to big to overcome alone.

I liked part 2 in the series just as much as part 1. The relationship is somewhat unusual but Shae really makes it work. Some of the things Cory and Jimmy said made me laugh and I got really angry when Mikey was accused of things he did not do and could never do.

I have no idea if there is to be a part 3, but I really hope there is. Shae Connor has proved herself to be a very good author in my eyes and we can never have enough of those.

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