We Found Love

February 17, 2015

We Found Love is a book written by 2 authors, namely Kade Boehme and Allison Cassatta. I am not sure who wrote what, but the book works very well for me.

Riley Connors is a young boy who was kidnapped as a child and lived with what he thought were his parents. When the police rescued him and his real parents abandoned him, Riley lost it and was institutionalized.

Hunter Morgan lost the love of his life, turned to drugs and alcohol and tried to take his own life. He also was institutionalized, which is where he met Riley.

Both guys end up in the same room and after a bumpy start find love together. They both have a lot of problems to work through, but together they can take on the world. But Hunter is released sooner than Riley. Will Riley be able to stay strong and find his way out? And will Hunter still be there when he gets out?

It is not the most easy subject to write about but these two authors do it very well. I could immediately relate to the way the institution was described and what it would feel like to live there, being watched every second of every day and never having a moment of privacy. In the end I was really rooting for the boys and I was sorry when it ended. Maybe there will be a sequel where we learn what happens after this book? I would love to know for sure.

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