Winter Freeze – Rags and Riches #1

March 6, 2016

28951855Winter Freeze is the first novel in the new Rags and Riches series and is all about the way how two people very far apart still meet under certain circumstances and hit it off. Rich or poor, we all need love and we find it in sometimes unusual places. This first story is a prime example of that and it was so sweet and romantic. Winter Freeze refers to the time of year this story is set in, coming into winter real soon.

Darren has been kicked out by his parents because he is gay and has been on the streets ever since. Surviving day to day, wondering when you will eat or sleep, it is so easy to get addicted or sell your body for money. He has seen it happen so many times before and he swore never to get that far. But when winter starts and the streets are getting colder and colder, what can you do?

Andy is a cop and he loves his job. He is gay but he has no problems with it. His partner recently dumped him and he is once again alone. One night he comes from work and sees someone in the parking garage trying to find shelter from the cold. That is how he meets Darren. Taking pity on the guy, he invites Darren to come home with him and be warm for at least the night.

But Darren has heard it all before and he is sure there is more to Andy’s request. What will he have to do for this unexpected pleasure? It is very hard to trust someone, especially when it is a cop and you don’t know what to expect from him.

Their worlds are so far apart, but the more time they spend together, the more they learn that it is the inside that matters. And that is where they are not so much different. Learning to trust each other is very hard, but pretty soon they will have to choose what to do.

Now as we all know I love a story about two people from completely different worlds coming together and finding love. It always teaches me that no matter who or what you are, there is always someone in the world who will see you as you are and love you because of it. I could so relate to the fear Darren had in trusting someone when you know what happens out on the street and how easy it is to succumb to addiction and rape. I compliment the author for really getting this point across.

Emma Marie Leya has a personal Facebook page here. This story is for sale at Amazon. The title suggest that after Winter Freeze there will be more stories in the series, so I will be looking out for them.


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