Winter Wonderland – Minnesota Christmas #3

December 8, 2015

25537817Winter Wonderland is the third part in the Minnesota Christmas series and focuses on the story of the one remaining character, Paul Jansen. For several days now someone has been leaving giant snow penis sculptures in his front yard and he has no clue who would do that. Does he have a secret admirer?

Paul really wanted a relationship but there was no other man to be found anywhere. Of course there is Kyle Parks, who has been working as a nurse and is really in love with Paul. Kyle is 25 years old, but Paul thinks  he is far to young for anything serious, so he doesn’t even look twice at Kyle. So Kyle decides he has to gets Pauls attention another way.

Kyle and Paul both end up working on the towns Winter Wonderland project, together with all the guys we met in part 1 and 2. Kyle has never been this close to Paul, so this is his one chance. It is now or never.

But what he doesn’t known is that Paul comes with a lot of problems. Pauls family is very conservative and still expect him to come home with a girl, marry and have kids. Anything to avoid a disgrace around town. Their anti gay bullying expands more and more and in the end, threatens to endanger the festival. For once in his life Paul has to learn to stand up against his family and fight for what he really wants.

Quite unexpectedly he finds that Kyle is on his side and he starts seeing Kyle in a completely different light. Maybe the guy is young, but why should that be a problem when the guy obviously doesn’t have a problem with it. Should he give himself the chance for love and romance this Christmas?

Part 3 was the perfect closure for the story. Everyone we already met was there again and everyone played a role in the story, small or big. The small town and the winter setting are perfect backgrounds in the story and I could really feel whatever was happening in the story. Heidi Cullinan really did good with these stories and I compliment her on that.

A ten-foot-tall snow penis towered over Paul Jansen’s front steps. Again.

He perched on the edge of his sofa, sipping his coffee as he kept the curtain pulled back with his foot so he could assess today’s phallic offering. It was pretty good. It had a bulging vein down the front, but it wasn’t as defined as usual. Big balls, but they’d clearly been joined to the shaft in a hurry. The glans had a nice contour—the snow artist usually took the most time there.

He’d give it a B+. Putting his mug aside, Paul tightened his robe before stepping into his boots. Opening the front door, he squinted into the sleet and wind. Saluted the penis. Snapped a photo for posterity.

Then he took aim with his right foot, braced himself against the doorframe and kicked the sculpture into pieces before reaching inside for his shovel so he could deal with the balls.

This was the third snow penis he’d dismantled of the season—the very early snow season, as the first squall had come through in late September. After the October tenth storm, they’d had snow cover ever since. The snow penises had started shortly after the blizzard. The first time had him laughing, and he’d left it up for a few hours. But it upset his neighbor on the other side of the duplex. It also made it tricky to get out the front door. So after taking a picture, he’d kicked it down and told his friend Arthur once he got to work, “Very funny, but stop upsetting Mrs. Michealson.”

Arthur had only blinked at him. “What’s funny?” So Paul showed him the picture on his phone, and Arthur laughed. “That’s pretty good! But how’d you do it? The snow is way too fine to pack.”

“I didn’t. You think I’d put a penis on my own front steps?”

Arthur shrugged as if to say, Why not? He squinted at the photo. “Seriously, this is a work of art. It’s almost a sculpture.”

“Well, it’s gone now.” Paul frowned. “I thought for sure you’d put it there.”

“Nope, sorry.” Arthur passed Paul his phone. “Let’s get to work on this bookshelf.”

You can read the complete first chapter of the story on Heidi’s personal site, right here.

You can find Heidi Cullinans personal site here. This book is for sale at All Romance Ebooks, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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