World Famous Cults & Fanatics

April 12, 2015

World Famous Cults & Fanatics is a book by Colin Wilson, an author who wrote many books about subjects like this. This is the first book by him that I read however, and I am disappointed to say the least.

With a title like this you come to expect a lot, but when I finished the book I thought “Really, this is all?” A lot of promise, but not a lot of delivery.

The book tries to describe cults and fanatics through out the years, starting with everyone calling themselves the new Messiah and ending with Osama Bin Laden and 9/11. But never does the book go deep into anything, we always stay on the surface of it all. All you get is a short description of who, what, where and how and than on to the next.

I am quite sure there is more to the subject than this. The subject is somewhat of a hobby of mine and I am by no means an expert, but even I know more then what is in this book. So sorry, I was not impressed at all here.

Colin Wilson has passed away some time ago, so he will never read this I suppose. But if all his books are like this one, I will pass on them from now on.

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