YES, He’s My Ex

March 13, 2015

Honestly people, who writes crap like this? This book is so so bad, I had to fight to get through it. The characters are cliche, flat and ridiculous, the story makes no sense at all and is utterly unbelievable and just dumb.

Tim and Sonny used to be a couple, but now they are apart. However, Sonny still comes running to Tim whenever there is trouble or he needs something. O yes, and sometimes they even have sex together. But Tim keeps reminding everyone “YES, he’s my ex”

Then one day Tim receives a call from a very scared Sonny, begging him for help. Now Tim has to find his ex and save him from whatever trouble he is in now.

The story is just a big blur of events, people, places and actions. It just never ends and one ridiculous thing after the other seems to happen. However, you don’t buy it for even a second. Even the criminals are laughable.

I am very sorry Julie Lynn Hayes, but I really hope your other books are better. For more information, read the authors personal blog here.


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